Services for Wholesalers of Mutual Fund, Annuity, ETF, and Alternative asset management firms


As a former wholesaler, we understand the many aspects of being successful.  You have to connect with financial advisors, offer something of value AND meet sales goals.  This has become even more challenging with limitations of in-person meetings.  

By using the COI Group Training, you can connect with more sales managers and get in front of more advisors to help them grow their business.

"Really well done. I thought the FAs were enagaged. Gave me good ideas about what to say next week.”
Prudential Annuities
Regional Vice President - Bank/Wire Channel

National Sales Teams

CLJ Advisory offers a unique way for wholesale distribution firms to add a unique value to financial advisors by using the COI Referral Training.  The opportunity will allow National Sales to purchase a specified or an unlimited number of courses for each wholesaler team to use in their territory.  Additionally, we can conduct live training sessions nationally, regionally or for individual offices within a territory.

"If a wholesaler isn’t adding value to an advisor’s business which ultimately results in either more clients or more assets for the advisor, then the wholesaler is really just a 'professional visitor' just stopping by to 'say hello' or 'give an update. Especially now in this new normal environment, the very best wholesalers are helping advisors grow their practices through virtual marketing events, virtual workshops and COI training.”
Kirby Noel - NexPoint
Managing Director / National Sales Manager

COI Group Training

Offer a unique value to increase meeting effectiveness and drive sales

Live training for groups of 10 or more advisors. Includes access to the COI Referral Training online course plus a FREE 30-day membership to CLJ Connect, our online community where advisors get unlimited access to online content, webinars, live COI interviews and more!

"Chris does a fantastic job of simplifying the message to allow FAs to engage and succeed."
Fidelity Investments
Regional Director

Value Add Resources

Do you need a good reason to follow up with an advisor after a meeting?  Do you want a different idea to add value to your existing clients?  Purchase one of the unique training tools below and differentiate yourself from other wholesalers in your territory.


Give a financial advisor access to video content, training and other resources to help them grow their business with CPAs and attorneys.  Click here to learn more.



Give a financial advisor unlimited access to the 90-minute self-paced course to increase high quality referrals from Centers Of Influence (COIs).  Click here to learn more.


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