COI Success

6 Session Extensive Bootcamp to develop the mindset required to grow a robust network of COIs

Hi, I'm Chris Jordan

Founder & CEO, CLJ Advisory

We help financial advisors develop referral-based partnerships with COIs, so they can attract more consistent referrals, grow a strong business and ultimately have a more successful career.

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in new client assets

"The quality of information and content is excellent! This course is important for students to begin understanding the business of financial planning. Despite anything they learn in the classroom, it is only through a disciplined business approach that they can grow their networks.”
Martin Seay, PhD,
Department Head of Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University


The COI Success Program offers a comprehensive 6-hour bootcamp experience, diving deep into the content of COI Referral Training course. Drawing parallels with our group training sessions, this program cultivates a mindset geared towards success in establishing COI partnerships.

Course Curriculum

SESSION 1: Benefits and Barriers (57:13)

Understand the importance of and the hurdles of establishing COI partnerships

SESSION 2: Finding the Right COI / Types of Partnerships (47:21)

Learn how to identify CPA and attorney partners and why reciprocal relationships rarely exist

SESSION 3: The Select Advisor / Leveraging Your Client (52:54)

Get a closer look at the advisor that gets referrals and how your clients can introduce you to more COIs

SESSION 4: Setting Up a COI Meeting (52:09)

Learn how to effectively approach a CPA or attorney

SESSION 5: Deepen Your Existing COI Relationships (59:04)

Learn practical ideas to deepen professional trust with COIs that you know

SESSION 6: Program Review / Next Steps (52:07)


“This course changed my attitude about approaching CPAs and Estate Attorney’s going forward. I feel I developed a voice to build with the COI and to ultimately bring more value to the client relationship.”
-David H., Wells Fargo Advisors - Portsmouth, NH
Senior Financial Advisor

16 referrals
10 new clients


in new client assets

Who is this course for?

This course offers an in-depth exploration of COI partnerships that is valuable to all financial planners, insurance agents, wealth management consultants and even financial planning students. The course offers value to:

New advisors

Just getting started in the business

Seasoned advisors with over 20 yrs experience

Looking for a refresher (or purchase for their junior partners)

Advisors with 3-10 years of experience

Looking to grow their business with COIs

Financial Planning students

Here's What Others Are Saying:

“Due to your training, I've been motivated to speak to 2 clients and schedule 3 COI appts (an attorney and two CPAs). I will be meeting with the COIs and clients at the COI's offices. I can truly see the value in your training.”
-Alisa E. - Lake City, FL
Financial Advisor
“The way to approach a COI is truly unique and well covered. I liked the course a lot.”
-Dhilan S. - Glastonbury, CT
Financial Advisor
“Good investment and time well spent.”
-Dan C. - Bethesda, MD
Financial Advisor

If you’re ready to build your COI referral networks so you can see continuous organic growth in your business — let’s get started today!

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