Educational and inspirational talks for financial advice professionals

CLJ Advisory offers empowering speeches to help organizations train and develop their financial advice professionals.  These talks can be delivered both online and in-person and can be purchased individually or in conjunction with the COI Referral Training course.

Here is a talk we did for NAIFA, the #1 Membership organization for financial advice professionals

"I found your presentation very informative and intriguing. One thing I realized yesterday was that I need to be reaching out to the younger, newer professionals in those fields instead of the older, more established ones. During your presentation, I made the intuitive leap that the younger professionals are much less likely to have these relationships already existing, so it may be easier to establish new ones. At this point, I now know that I need to reconnect with them soon and regularly moving forward. I have mistakenly operated on the assumption that one connection point was sufficient. Thanks for the information and support. You have once again proven helpful to me."
Greg Wales - Keowee Financial Group
President - Clemson, SC

Speaking packages


Inspirational and educational live talks on topics such as:
Elevating Your Business
12 Keys to Successful COI Partnerships
7 Reasons to Build a COI Network


Live keynote speech, plus:
Online Course training
1 hour in-depth review of the COI Referral Training


Live keynote speech
Online Course training
6-session in-depth review of the COI Referral Training
Group discussion / Best practices

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