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Grow your strategic connections and attract more referrals from CPAs and attorneys

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CEO and founder of CLJ Advisory – and I help financial advisors create referral-based partnerships with CPAs, attorneys and other Centers Of Influence ( COIs).

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In this dynamic workshop, you’ll gain hands-on strategies and actionable insights to transform your approach to referrals from CPAs and attorneys. Over two engaging sessions, you’ll gain the following:

Effective Communication Techniques

Hone your communication skills to clearly articulate your value proposition, making it easy for CPAs and attorneys to refer clients your way.

Process to Build a COI Network:

 Acquire step-by-step process on setting up and maintaining a robust referral system that consistently delivers results. Discover proven methods to expand your network within the CPA and attorney community, ensuring a steady stream of quality referrals.

By investing in the Referral Builder Workshop, you’re investing in the future success of your financial advisory practice. Seize this opportunity to accelerate your growth, increase your client base, and establish yourself as the go-to advisor in collaboration with CPAs and attorneys. Don’t miss out on this transformative workshop that will reshape your referral strategy and elevate your professional success!



Who is this course for?

This course offers an in-depth exploration of COI partnerships that is valuable to all financial planners, insurance agents, wealth management consultants and even financial planning students. The course offers value to:

New Financial advisors

Just getting started in the business

Seasoned advisors with over 20 yrs experience

Looking for a refresher (or purchase for their junior partners)

Financial advisors with 3-10 years of experience

Looking to grow their business with COIs

Day 1

Value Proposition

To stand out in a crowded market, a value proposition should highlight what sets the financial advisor apart from competitors. This could include a unique approach, specialized expertise, a proven track record, or innovative services that distinguish the advisor in the eyes of potential clients.

Day 2


Developing a process for a financial advisor to build a network of Centers of Influence (COIs) is a strategic approach that can lead to mutually beneficial collaborations. CPAs often have clients seeking financial advice, and by building partnerships, financial advisors can tap into a new source of high-quality leads.

Course Overview

In this thorough 2-hour course, participants will delve into crafting persuasive value propositions and devising a systematic process to grow a robust network of COIs. Through practical guidance and actionable strategies, attendees will learn how to effectively communicate their value and establish meaningful connections with CPAs and attorneys. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to expand their professional network and enhance their referral opportunities.

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Identify Your Value
Communicate your Value Proposition

DAY 2: THE PROCESS (92:40)

Prepare clients for an introduction
Set up the meeting with a COI
Prepare for the meeting

If you’re ready to build your COI referral networks so you can see continuous organic growth in your business — let’s get started today!



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