Services for Managers and leaders of financial advice professionals

Experienced Advisors

Professionals with 5 or more years in the business

For more experienced advisors, we will give more ideas to further develop relationships with CPAs and attorneys in particular.  This training will focus on:

  1. Strategies to build professional trust
  2. Effective language to communicate value to COIs
  3. Developing a process to build a large network of professional relationships
"Chris- another great session- I am determined to make this work. You are a strong motivator and I hang on every thought and idea you pass out. My mindset has completely changed to find a way to serve my client well with a COI."
Senior Vice President - Wells Fargo Advisors
Financial Advisor - Portsmouth, NH


Leadership training for managers of financial advisor teams

For both producing and non-producing managers, we help you develop a culture of successful COI partnerships within your team.  This training will focus on helping you lead your new agents/advisors to:

  1. Realize the importance of building a COI network
  2. Understand the COI-advisor relationship dynamics
  3. Identify and communicate their value
  4. Create an effective process to meet with more COIs
  5. Learn the language and strategies to build professional trust and succeed earlier in their career

New Advisors

Professionals with less than 3 years of experience

We know that most new advisors start out excited the first few months but then struggle to grow their business.  As result, they quit the industry and move on to a new career.  At CLJ Advisory, we have a definite purpose to double new advisor production.  We teach new advisors how to grow their business with CPAs, attorneys, and other COIs early in their career so they can have greater success.  New advisors training will focus on:

  1. Understanding the importance of COI relationships
  2. Building confidence to meet with more COIs
  3. Developing a process to create COI partnerships
"Thank you for that insightful meeting. Your knowledge is invaluable!"
Francisco Borrego - New York Life
Insurance agent - Tampa, FL
"The training was very valuable and could really help others in our office. Since the training, I've used what he taught to cultivate my existing relationships while looking for others."
Stephan Taylor - New York Life
Financial advisor - Pasadena, CA

COI Group Training

Develop a culture of productive partnerships with CPAs, attorneys, and other COIs

Live training for the people on your team. Includes access to the COI Referral Training online course plus a FREE 30-day membership to CLJ Connect, our online community where advisors get unlimited access to online content, webinars, live COI interviews and more!

Referrals from COIs
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New client assets from COI Referrals
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“It gave me a game plan to follow as well as the confidence to build on my COI network. Good investment and time well spent.“
Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Advisors
- Bethesda, MD

coi group training


Part 1

Online Course

Financial advisors get access to the COI Referral Training, to enroll and complete.  This course sets the foundation for more engagement and effectiveness for the live training sessions.

Part 2

Live Training Sessions

Series of weekly live video sessions to dive deeper into the content and help your advisors create a large COI referral network.  Each 1 hour session will include content review, discussion and application.

coi group training

What you get

FREE Online Course access

24/7 access to the 90-minute COI Referral Training online learning portal

Live Training Sessions

Up to 5 group training sessions that  help your advisors build a network of COIs

Advisor Resources

30 Days free access to CLJ Connect to get all downloads, scripts and other resources

Simply choose # of sessions...


2 Day Group Training session to help develop (1) an effective Value Proposition and (2) a repeatable process to build a large COI network.  This fast-paced group role play will take place over 2 one hour Zoom sessions.


per person

(minimum group of 12)

2 live training sessions

Unlimited access to online course

30-Day FREE access to CLJ Connect


Deep-dive training to help advisors create a large network of COIs.  This option is focused on the application of the training curriculum.  Best for managers with a strong desire to create a culture of COI relationships.


per person

(minimum group of 12)

5 live training sessions

Unlimited access to online course

30-Day FREE access to CLJ Connect

Note:  Both 2 and 5 session training options include FREE 30-day access to webinars, videos, and other resources via CLJ Connect.  

For groups of more than 20, contact us for pricing.


Most frequent questions and answers

Training sessions can be scheduled based on availability and preference.  Most often, a manager will coordinate with us to schedule the sessions over a 1 or 2 month period.

This training is for managers with teams of 12 or more that want to develop a culture of successful partnerships with COIs.  The training material is for new and experienced advisors.

This is the first and only training developed by a former wholesaler that combines an online course with group discussion on the topic of COI partnerships.  In addition, the course includes interviews and a unique perspective from CPAs, attorneys, and RIAs.

Each session is live (not pre-recorded) and conducted by video.  In-person training for one session can be coordinated if desired.

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