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"This training walks you through the process in choosing and cultivating these partnerships. Our clients lives are complex and having specialized professionals that can provide the added security and peace of mind is reflected in this course."
Aurora Turner - National Life Group
Senior Director, Research and Insights - Winston Salem, NC


(Minimum group of 4)

Core training for the advisors in your office (team) includes: Unlimited online access to the COI Referral Training course + virtual review session(s) for your team.  Simply select which how

1 Review Session


per person

6 Review Sessions


per person

Note: Pricing listed is for up to 100 advisors.  Contact us for additional discount pricing for groups of more than 100

"The course is excellent! It is extremely valuable for new agents and established to help them grow their practices by mastering their language and systems in approaching COI's such as CPAs and Estate Planning Attorneys."
Roger Silvera, LUTCF, MDRT - New York Life,
Tampa, FL
The training was very valuable and could really help others in our office. Since the training, I've used what he taught to cultivate my existing relationships while looking for others."
Stephan Taylor, New York Life
Pasadena, CA

Office Elite Access

(Groups of 20 or less)

Premium subscription for groups of 20 or less that focus on recruiting and development.  Includes: Unlimited online access to the COI Referral Training course + virtual review sessions and monthly check in

How it works

 Manager will invest in the COI Referral Training course and group training for advisors.  Enrollment remains open for new advisors throughout the year.  Additionally, we will conduct monthly group calls to review success and drive results.

Invest in your team

  • Unlimited access to COI Course
  • Open enrollment for future recruits
  • 6-session office training (live)
  • Monthly team call
  • Reduce learning curve for new advisors

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Most frequent questions and answers

When you sign up for OEA, the manager (or account owner) will receive a link for free access to the COI Referral Training course.  Simply share the link with your team and encourage them to enroll in the course.  Additionally we schedule and conduct a 6-session exclusive group training to review and discuss the main points of the course.

The review sessions can be set based on availability and preference.  Most often, a manager will coordinate with us to schedule the sessions over a 3 or 4 month period.

The OEA includes: unlimited course logins that can be given to any existing or future advisor on your team.  Additionally we will conduct 1 training series per year along with a monthly team call.  Each team call will provide time for concept review and feedback sharing among the group. 

These benefits will continue as long as the subscription is active.

The OEA is for managers with teams of 20 or less that want to develop a team that successfully partners with COIs.  The training material is for new and experienced advisors.  For larger teams send an email to to discuss.

Yes.  Before registering, please send an email to to discuss logistics.

This is the first and only training developed by a former wholesaler that combines an online course with group discussion on the topic of COI partnerships.  In addition, the course includes interviews and a unique perspective from CPAs, attorneys, and RIAs.

There is no physical contract to be signed.  Simply review the terms of use and sign up online.

If at any point you decide to cancel, simply send an email to  All benefits will continue through the end of the month.