Top-Ranked FP Program Kansas State Partners with CLJ Advisory to offer COI Course for Financial Planning Students

RALEIGH, N.C., Mar 17, 2021– CLJ Advisory announces a partnership with Kansas State’s Top-Ranked Financial Planning Program to offer the COI Referral Training course to students.  This upcoming semester, students will get access to the course as part of their Practice Management curriculum.

“This course is important for students to begin understanding the business of financial planning,” said Dr. Martin Seay, Department Head of Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University.  “Despite anything they learn in the classroom, it is only through a disciplined business approach that they can grow their networks.”

Since 2019, the COI course has been available to financial advisors at firms such as Merrill Lynch and New York Life.  This partnership with the Kansas State program represents CLJ Advisory’s effort to impact the next generation of financial advice professionals.  “Our mission is to raise the level of the financial advice industry around the world,” said Chris Jordan, CEO & Founder.  “It only makes sense to start this type of education early on, even before an advisor gets established in their career.”  

The Kansas State FP Program is ranked currently amongst the top 3 programs in the country.  When asked what separates the KSU program from others, Seay mentioned, “Our program offers a customized full degree program.  For example, our Masters Program offers students advanced content beyond the CFP requirements.”

The concept of building relationships with CPAs and attorneys is not taught in university programs.  Offering the COI course at Kansas State represents the company’s first step towards expansion at the college level.  “We are excited to work with the FP Program at KSU,” Jordan continued. “Not only because the program is the best of its kind, but because Dr. Seay is a visionary that thinks beyond the classroom. He has the heart to truly help his students be successful in the industry.”

About CLJ Advisory

Founded in 2018 in Raleigh, North Carolina, CLJ ADVISORY is a global consulting firm with a mission to raise the level of the financial advice industry around the world.  The firm provides online training and services to broker dealer firms, universities, wholesale distribution firms and financial advisors.  With students in over 140 cities across the US and Canada, CLJ ADVISORY has provided education to financial advisors at over 30 broker dealer firms and universities (as of March 2021)