CLJ Advisory Launches Innovative Resource for Wholesalers to Add Value to Financial Advisors

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb 11, 2021– CLJ Advisory announced the launch of its Wholesaler Premium Access (WPA) program.  The program will provide a unique way for wholesale distribution firms to train financial advisors using the COI Referral Training course.  WPA will allow individual wholesalers to purchase training on their own with no commitment and get unlimited access to the course at one low monthly price.  

“I am excited about the launch of the WPA,” said Chris Jordan, Founder & CEO of CLJ Advisory.  “As a former wholesaler, I can relate to the challenges they are faced with.  Over the last 10 years, there has been an increase in the number of players trying to influence financial advisors so it has become even more important to find ways to be different.  Offering the COI course online is just another tool they can use to differentiate themselves and deepen relationships with financial advisors.”

“Never has there been a time as important as now to separate yourself as a professional from the countless voices clamoring for advisors’ attention,” said Tyler Voss, former Managing Director at Nuveen Investments.  “How does one do that? Today’s wholesalers must deliver value end-to-end through the entire experience. Going the extra mile for advisors will always keep you relevant.”

“If a wholesaler isn’t adding value to an advisor’s business which ultimately results in either more clients or more assets for the advisor, then the wholesaler is really just a ‘professional visitor’ just stopping by to ‘say hello‘ or ‘give an update,” said Kirby Noel, Managing Director and National Sales Manager for Nexpoint.  Nexpoint is a multi-billion dollar alternative asset manager that specializes in RegD Real Estate and DSTs for independent financial advisors.  “Especially now in this new normal environment, the very best wholesalers are helping advisors grow their practices through virtual marketing events, virtual workshops and COI training.”

“The purpose of WPA is to help wholesalers begin new relationships or deepen existing ones,” said Jordan.  “I’m typically more open to accepting meetings with wholesalers that I have a good relationship with,” said a Vice President from UBS in Manhattan with $560M in AUM.  When asked if he would accept a meeting with a newer wholesaler relationship offering the COI course he said, “Yes, I would accept the meeting because we are always interested in value add opportunities as opposed to only discussing products.”

“Since the launch of the COI Referral Training,  we’ve seen increasing demand throughout the financial advisor community,” said Jordan.  “We expect this tool will help wholesalers offer additional value to advisors in all channels.  Advisors at RIAs, Wirehouses, Independent and other broker-dealer firms across the US and Canada are purchasing the training on their own.  With the WPA, wholesalers can now step in and support advisors interested in this area of practice management.  They instantly become a true partner to help advisors grow their businesses.”

For more details about the WPA, click here.

About CLJ Advisory

Founded in 2018 in Raleigh, North Carolina, CLJ ADVISORY is a global consulting firm with a mission to raise the level of the financial advice industry around the world.  The firm provides online training and services to broker dealer firms, universities, wholesale distribution firms and financial advisors.  With students in over 140 cities across the US and Canada, CLJ ADVISORY has provided education to financial advisors at over 27 broker dealer firms and universities (as of February 2020)