CLJ Advisory expands it reach to impact 35 firms across the US and Canada in 2021

RALEIGH, N.C., Jan. 26, 2022- CLJ Advisory announced that as of the end of 2021, the firm has reached 35 firms across the US and Canada.  In 2021, advisors at firms such as Raymond James, National Life and Triad joined the list who enrolled in the COI Referral Training course.

Founded in 2018, CLJ Advisory developed the COI Referral Training course to help  financial advice professionals establish partnerships with CPAs, attorneys, and other Centers of Influence.  The firm is led by CEO and Founder, Chris Jordan.

“It continues to be a passion of mine to see more COI-advisor partnerships in the industry,” said Jordan.  As a wholesaler, I saw so many financial advisors struggle to grow their business.  If more of them would connect with their clients’ CPAs and attorneys, they would by default develop a strong referral network.”

As of the end of 2021, here is the list of firms that are represented by advisors that have enrolled in the COI course:

  1. Merrill Lynch 
  2. LPL
  3. Edward Jones
  4. Ameriprise
  5. Wells Fargo
  6. New York Life
  7. Raymond James
  8. MassMutual
  9. Northwestern Mutual
  10. Assante Wealth
  11. IG Wealth
  12. Edward Jones (Canada)
  13. UBS
  14. Morgan Stanley
  15. Prudential
  16. Center Street Securities
  17. Emerson Equity
  18. National Bank (Canada)
  19. Great Point Capital
  20. Equitable
  21. Sunlife (Canada)
  22. Canada Life (Canada)
  23. Principal
  24. RW Baird
  25. TD Wealth
  26. IFP (Independent Financial Partners
  27. Colony Family Offices
  28. Planisource Inc (Canada)
  29. Korving and Co
  30. Cambridge
  31. Stephens Inc.
  32. RBC Canada
  33. National Life
  34. Planned Estates
  35. Triad Advisors

Since the launch of CLJ Advisory, the company has seen strong interest from financial advice professionals in multiple channels.  Additionally, CLJ launched it’s Office Training platform in 2021 which combines online learning with live group training sessions.  “Our Group Training platform has been well received at firms like National Life, LPL and New York Life,” said Jordan.  “As new advisors enter the industry, our goal is to immediately get them to believe that they can grow a business with COI relationships.”  

 Jordan continued to say, “Our hope is to reach more aspiring financial advisors at the college level.”  A major accomplishment last year was for the Kansas State Financial Planning program to use the COI course in the curriculum.

“Going forward, we will continue to grow our Group Training platform to reach 100 offices in the US and Canada.  We are also well positioned to administer the training at the corporate level as well,” said Jordan. 

About CLJ Advisory

Founded in 2018 in Raleigh, North Carolina, CLJ ADVISORY is a global consulting firm with a mission to raise the level of the financial advice industry around the world.  We provide online training and services for financial advice professionals.  Unlike most training from other companies, we focus on the application and implementation of knowledge acquired through our training courses.   It’s all about providing the best possible service to the client.  With students across the US and Canada, CLJ ADVISORY has provided education to financial advisors at over 35 firms and universities (as of January 2022).