COI Masterclass

Workshop to empower your team to attract more referrals from CPAs and attorneys

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What our Clients Say

“Due to your training, I've been motivated to speak to 2 clients and schedule 3 COI appts (an attorney and two CPAs). I will be meeting with the COIs and clients at the COI's offices. I can truly see the value in your training.”
Alisa, Edward Jones
Financial Advisor
“This course changed my attitude about approaching CPAs and Estate Attorney’s going forward. I feel I developed a voice to build with the COI and to ultimately bring more value to the client relationship.”
Dave, Wells Fargo Advisors
Senior Financial Advisor
“The way to approach a COI is truly unique and well covered. I liked the course a lot.”
Dhilan, MassMutual
Financial Advisor

Managers. We're here to help you

In this dynamic workshop, you’ll gain hands-on strategies and actionable insights to train your team to get referrals from CPAs and attorneys. You’ll gain the following:

Effective Communication Techniques

A guide to help your team clearly articulate their value proposition, making it easy for CPAs and attorneys to refer clients.

Unlimited access

With 24/7 access to a previous workshop, you can delve deep into the content and master the material at your own pace.

Process to Build a COI Network:

 Acquire a step-by-step process on setting up and maintaining a robust referral system that consistently delivers results. We'll discuss proven method that work and show you how to help your team implement them.

Manager Membership

Every leader understands the importance of attracting high net-worth clients, meeting sales goals, and standing out from the competition. To achieve these goals, advisors must learn to collaborate with Centers of Influence (COIs). But how can you motivate your advisors to do this? With our membership, we provide you with the tools to train your team effectively, empowering them to enhance their business through COI partnerships. 

We have successfully coached advisors in creating $64,275,000.00 in new client assets from COIs! Let us help you achieve the same success!

Who is this membership for?

Market Leaders & Execs

You have a team of advisors within a market and you know they should be growing their business with COIs but they are not.

Managers & Managing Partners

Corporate leadership has tasked you with responsibility of growing net assets within your team but your unsure of how to motivate your team to do so.

General Agents

You have turnover among your advisors because they are not making the money they want; and you want to learn how to train even the newest advisors on how to grow their business with COIs.

If you’re ready to see your team attract more high net-worth clients, grow their COI networks, and see continuous organic growth in their business — join today!

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Hi, I'm Chris Jordan

Founder & CEO, CLJ Advisory

We help financial advisors develop referral-based partnerships with COIs, so they can attract more consistent referrals, grow a strong business and ultimately have a more successful career.

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