Services for Students in Financial Planning Certificate and Degree Programs

"The course brought a level of nuance I haven’t seen before on the topic of COIs.  It is worth 10 years of instant client service/acquisition experience!"
James N. Whiddon, CFP, MSFS,
Professor, Financial Planning - Texas A&M University
"This course is important for students to begin understanding the business of financial planning. Despite anything they learn in the classroom, it is only through a disciplined business approach that they can grow their networks.”
Martin Seay, PhD
2020 FPA President & Department Head of Personal Financial Planning - Kansas State University


CLJ Advisory offers a way to enhance the curriculum for Financial Planning programs.  Our online content allows a college or university to access our education material in two ways:

Integrated Curriculum

Our online course video content can be easily integrated into an already established financial planning course curriculum.

Supplemental Course

Your school’s website can connect to our Learning Management System (LMS), allowing your students to easily access our course as a supplement to their required coursework.