September - October 2022

coi success program

A Community of COI Relationship Masters

The COI Success Program is an exclusive training for all students of the COI Referral Training course.  From insurance agents to financial planners, advisors, and RIAs – all of our students around the world are looking to learn the skills to develop successful partnerships with CPAs attorneys and other COIs.  What about you?

Cities worldwide
Firms represented
Referrals from COIs
"Got my first referral from an estate attorney! The course trainings showed me how to deepen an existing relationship with an estate attorney. We always talked about referring clients, but I wasn’t conveying the value I could bring to the table. The course helped me do just that and the result was the first in what should be a long line of quality introductions.”
Michael Guthrie,
Northwestern Mutual - Boston, MA


During each 45 minute session, we will review a critical topic related to growing your business with COIs.  Additionally, we will set time for ACTION!  That’s right…let’s put these principles to work.  Attend any or all sessions at your convenience. 

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