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 CLJ Advisory offers firms a way to enhance advisor training by offering new and relevant content for financial advisors using the COI Referral Training course.  The Opportunity will allow Companies, Regional Management and Management of large groups (over 40) to purchase an unlimited number of courses to use with their advisors.  Additionally, leaders of smaller groups (20 or less) can purchase trainings in bulk or on a subscription basis on their own with no commitment and get unlimited access to the course at one low monthly price.



Office Elite Access (OEA)

Unlimited COI Course logins

Reduce learning curve

No commitments, cancel anytime

$200 per month (limited time)

(For New Advisor teams of 20 or less)


"Initially, the CLJ process helped me build my Sales Central database. I started using it again and I've already been able to restore three COI relationships with a fee for service advisor who instantly referred 3 clients to me."
Stephan Taylor - New York Life
Pasadena, CA
"Got my first referral from an estate attorney. The course trainings showed me how to deepen an existing relationship with an estate attorney. We always talked about referring clients, but I wasn’t conveying the value I could bring to the table. The course helped me do just that and the result was the first in what should be a long line of quality introductions.”
Michael Guthrie - Northwestern Mutual
Boston, MA


We offer bulk course purchase for groups of 5 or more.  Advisors can access the training at their convenience via desktop or mobile. This is a great way to provide training for a specified group of advisors at any given period of time.  Our online training provides a seamless “plug and play” marketing curriculum for your team.


 Our online course video content can be easily integrated into an already established training platform, company website, or accessed via link to connect to our Learning Management System (LMS).  Either way, your advisors can easily access our online training.  This option allows a firm or office to access our video content for an unlimited number of advisors.