Services for Insurance, Wirehouse, Independent and Bank wealth management programs

 CLJ Advisory offers firms a way to enhance advisor training by offering new and relevant content for financial advisors using the COI Referral Training course.  Companies can purchase engaging online course curriculum plus live training for their advisors.  


Training for 500 or more advisors in your organization

Core includes: Unlimited online access to the COI Referral Training course.  Our online course video content can be easily integrated into an already established training platform, company website, or accessed via link to connect to our Learning Management System (LMS). 

In addition, you can add virtual  implementation session(s) for your organization.  Simply choose either 1 or 6 sessions and the # of people in your group.

"This training walks you through the process in choosing and cultivating these partnerships. Our clients lives are complex and having specialized professionals that can provide the added security and peace of mind is reflected in this course."
Aurora Turner - National Life Group
Senior Director, Research and Insights - Winston Salem, NC

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