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20 Wholesalers making a difference in 20 days!

The Challenge ends in:

The 2020 Challenge has ended

COVID-19 has changed the way meetings are conducted and as we near the end of 2020, there is a tendency to slow down and get ready for next year. Wholesalers around the country have a great opportunity to differentiate themselves while partnering with financial advisors to grow their business. We believe that encouraging more partnerships between financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys will raise the level of the financial advice industry!


Between now and the end of 2020, any wholesaler that works with financial advisors can:


Purchase 2 or more COI Referral Training courses for your territory


Contact 2 financial advisors to introduce the COI training offer and schedule meeting


Conduct a meeting (video or in person) to give the course login to the each financial advisor


- Differentiate themselves from other wholesalers in their territory
- Increase their activity during the last days of 2020
- Develop new or existing relationships
- Gain a new Value Proposition to use with financial advisors
- Get 1 free training coupon for use in 2021 ($399 Value)
- Get special recognition on LinkedIn from CLJ Advisory


The COI Referral Training is  90-minute self paced online course to help financial advisors establish partnerships with CPAs and attorneys while increasing their ability to get referrals.  The wholesaler will sponsor the course for the advisor and give it (the login) to them during a meeting.  For more details, go to coicourse.com

Each wholesaler that successfully gives a course (link) to 2 financial advisors will get 1 free COI Training coupon ($399 value) for use in 2021.  The wholesaler that presents more than 2 before Jan 1 will get 5 free COI coupons ($2000 value)

The course has a retail value of $399.  During this Challenge, wholesalers can purchase each course for $350.

Each wholesaler has their own style and can conduct the meeting at their discretion.  CLJ Advisory suggests discussing 2 or 3 points (of the course content) during each meeting.

Click the ENTER THE CHALLENGE button on the site or send an email to: info@cljadvisory.com with your name, firm and the # of courses you would like to purchase. 

There is no expiration date on the courses so they can be used at any time.