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COI Referral Training

Full 90-minute online course to help financial advisors establish partnerships with COIs.  Includes 6 sections with Introduction and course review.


Prepare Yourself to Meet COIs with Confidence

Prepare yourself to meet a CPA or attorney.  Includes the first 3 sections of the COI Referral Training course.


Effectively Approach and Build COI Relationships

Learn how to approach and further develop COI partnerships.  Includes sections 4 and 5 of the COI Referral Training course. 


Group training

One-time or subscription based training.  Includes video and customized office training to help financial advisors establish partnerships with COIs.

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Premier membership includes exclusive video content to help financial advice professionals grow themselves and their business.



The 4 steps to COI Referrals e-book reveals a simple strategy to begin creating partnerships with CPAs and attorneys

In this e-book, learn why should you develop a team of multiple COIs

The COI Referral Training is empowering students and financial advisors globally

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