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Group Training

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CLJ provides a results-driven training program for companies and offices across the US and Canada.  We provide training for financial advice professionals and managers to help develop successful relationships with COIs. Unlike other companies, we show the perspective of CPAs, attorneys, and other financial advisors and pair online learning with live sessions. What also makes us different is that we focus on the effective application of knowledge through our services.

CLJ Connect

Connecting a global network of professionals

CLJ Connect is an exclusive network of financial advisors, insurance agents, planners, and students across the US and Canada.  Our membership offers unlimited access to training replays, webinars, and many other resources to help professionals excel in their career.  Most importantly, we provide a platform for advisors to connect and learn from each other.

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CLJ provides online learning, live training, resources and other value to a variety of organizations connected to the financial advice industry

Corporate Training

Services for Insurance, Wirehouse, Independent and Bank wealth management programs

Group Training

Services for managers and leaders of fincial advice professionals.

Wholesale Distribution Firms

Services for Wholesalers of Mutual Fund, Annuity, ETF, and Alternative asset management firms

College Financial Planning Programs

Services for Students in Financial Planning Certificate and Degree Programs

If you’re ready to build your COI referral networks so you can see continuous organic growth in your business — let’s get started today!


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